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  1. Stacy T.

    Off-road Photos

    No snow, sand, or rocks. Just mud and clay here in south Georgia. A couple shots from today while refilling the deer feeders.
  2. Stacy T.

    Head rest

    Those look good. I think I'll contact them this week.
  3. Stacy T.

    Head rest

  4. Stacy T.

    Mud flaps

    It does not. Haven't found a pair that's compatible yet. Only really need the front, many to keep mud of side steps and a little up the rockers. The back is not too bad, maybe under rocker is worse.
  5. Stacy T.

    Rant n Rave

    Purchased my ZR2 on May 28th. So far so good. No paint issues at this time. Loving this truck. Fingers crossed that nothing rears its ugly head.
  6. Stacy T.

    First Silverado ZR2 Mod?

    Model OETESS-0059-VC01
  7. Stacy T.

    Does your ZR2 have paint chipping?

    Mine was built 4/22. 1000 miles so far so good.
  8. Stacy T.

    Paint chipping

    Question, How many owners do we have that haven't had any paint issues as of yet, and how long have you had possession of your truck? I've had mine since the Saturday before Memorial Day and no issues yet. May be a dumb question...but could the paint damage on bottom of doors be from illegals...
  9. Stacy T.

    2 days old and all 4 doors have paint peeling….unbelievable

    Please don't tell me that. 😫😫😫
  10. Stacy T.

    Summit White Silverado ZR2 Photo Thread

    Love the look of this truck.
  11. Stacy T.

    First Silverado ZR2 Mod?

    Front windows tinted to match back, black top rail toolbox, oedro side steps, and 9in stubby antenna.
  12. Stacy T.

    First Silverado ZR2 Mod?

    I'll get some pics up after the next mod. Summit white black toolbox, oedro nerf bars, 9in stubby getting some tint Monday. I'll get some pics then. I'm partial because it's mine, but damn this is a sweet looking truck.
  13. Stacy T.

    Zr2 vs. AT4x

    I agree 100%. I got out of a 2015 GMC SLT and the bose in it was awesome.
  14. Stacy T.

    Silverado ZR2 Forum - Founding Member Badge

    The ride is very nice on interstate and rural roads. Haven't had it in the deer woods yet. I suspect you will be very surprised at the comfort of the ride.
  15. Stacy T.

    Silverado ZR2 Forum - Founding Member Badge

    Hello everyone. I got lucky. Went to my dealer this past Saturday morning to see what was on their order board. I've been looking for around a year. I have wanted a ZR2 since GM announced their release. It was so hard to find any truck around my area, south GA. So my idea was I'd drive to my...