Glacier Blue Metallic¹ Silverado ZR2 Photos


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Jul 6, 2021
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Time to kick off the official Silverado ZR2 Forum Glacier Blue Metallic Photo Thread!


First off,

Second any good interior pics? Honestly I'm torn on the Grey/Black combo Chevy went with. I think their color coordinators are kinda color blind.
I will chime in here, having just tested out a glacier blue ZR2 for a week. Oddly enough, the grey/black interior with the yellow stitching and composite inlay looks amazing with the blue/red exterior. It all fits so well together. I don’t think I’d like the interior much with more traditional black/grey/silver exteriors. But it will go sweet with the red/red as well.
hopefully it goes well with north sky blue metallic...
Agreed. It really does look so much better in person and any little bit of exterior color sets it off, imo.

I had switched my order to Dark Ash, because I like the purple tint in the sunlight, but I came back to Glacier Blue, because I think the blues look so good with the interior and the red tow hooks.
Painted calipers red and swapped out the ugly silver and gold center caps for the black with silver bowties.


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What product did you use for your calipers, those turned out nice.
Thanks. This is it. It's a small can but is plenty to do 2 vehicles. I put on 3 coats with a small brush. It goes on real nice and dries very smooth.


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So, I initially ordered one that was Glacier Blue, but my wife convinced me to change it to Summit White. Long story short, I told my sales guy that I really still wanted blue and to let me know if one came in that met my specs. One did. He hid the keys from other sales guys so I could come in and swipe it. Oh yeah, even though it was my birthday, I got my wife the Rubicon 4XE she's been wanting a couple days later. I think they compliment each other nicely.


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