22 console armrest/lid on a 23??


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Jan 30, 2023
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Buda texas
Has anyone tried to put the 22 armrest/lid on their 23?
seems like it was a way better spot for a phone charger..
I thought I wanted the old style console at first but I like the new one now. I can open the console without having to move anything. Maybe that's why Chevy took the tray off. In my old LTZ I had a bad habit of leaving keys, phone or whatever laying in that tray and if wanted to open the console they had to be moved. Just providing a perspective.
I’ve got the 22 and the wife or I use that spot depending on who needs an under counsel charge. I just use the ole forearm to hold whichever phone is in that spot when getting into the counsel. Would honestly be nice to have that spot charge as well🤔

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