Any advice on how to get a private offer incentive ($1000-$3000) on the ZR2?


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Oct 18, 2022
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Looks like GM/Chevy is sending some private offer incentives to some potential customers in the form of bonus cash of either $1000 or $3000 to use towards a ZR2. Just wondering if anyone has had one or knows anyway to get one?
It appears to be completely random. There are many of us here that waited(or are still waiting) months on a truck and didn't get one.
I got one, but had already bought an in stock ZR2. Something similar happened many years ago when I bought a car for my daughter. I took the mailer to the dealer and they sent me a check for the $1000 mailer. That was a small town Ford dealership. I highly doubt the Chevy dealer I bought my ZR2 from would do that with the current mailer discount.
Is this a mailer or email? Wondering if the sales are starting to slump as I’m seeing these take a bit longer to sell in my region.
I actually received two emails for the $3000 private offer. One from Chevrolet with a code to be used. I also received an email from the dealership I had ordered my ZR2 from that was unfulfilled for $3000 private offer for any “in stock” truck. The email from Chevy stated “You are receiving this message because due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to fulfill your custom 2022 Chevy Silverado order.”

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