Are they making the standard Gold/Machined wheel?


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Mar 29, 2022
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Denver, CO
I noticed on every truck that is currently available from dealers that I looked at, they all have the gloss black wheel option. Is there some kind of issue with the standard wheel to the point that they're not making them?

I'd much rather have the gold/machined wheel than the gloss black that's coming on the truck I put a deposit on.
Ask your dealer if there is a restraint on the machine wheel.
The inventory manager has that information.
I think it just comes down to preference. I got the gold/machine wheels on my truck. They are starting the build on Monday so let’s see what happens.
Mine was already made and I ordered the machined.
It comes machined if you specified. Got mine the way it was ordered with machined and gunmetal color.
no constraints on wheels since they came out, some price confusion, but no restrictions on either wheel
Mine came with the machined wheels….I had a 2021 Midnight LT Trail Boss and like how it breaks up the black actually.

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