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Oct 29, 2022
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I’ve priced a few local, reputable specialty shops - average about $2500+ for a ZR2.
My dealership said they do it for $1500 or less - includes a Clay bar treatment and decontamination. He said there’s a lifetime warranty on it which also includes “the interior for rips, stains, and discoloration.” To good to be true at that price?
Generally, speaking, is the ceramic coating worth it? I live in Colorado, which has a lot of sun and snow and my truck unfortunately is going to be living outside for a while.
If I could solicit advice from anyone who has experience with ceramic coating, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.
My truck is getting coated now. $1,250 for 9 year gtechniq. I don't have prior experience with ceramic coating, so I can't give any advice.
I've done three vehicles myself now using Armor Shield. My wife's Traverse I did a little over 2 years ago and it still looks great and she doesn't take care of it, a touchless car wash is the most love it see's. I did my ZR2 a couple months ago and just finished my father's High Country. I find its a time consuming process by the time you wash, claybar, polish any trouble spots (found on every new vehicle), IPA wipe and then two coats of ceramic. I probably spent 15-20 hours on each vehicle but find my expectations are higher then my talent so take my time so I don't screw anything up.
I think you get what you pay for and prep is everything as you are locking in the finish.
I think it is definitely worth it. I just had mine done and my Camaro ZL! has been done as well. Much of the labor involved is to do with the preparation of the vehicle including clay bar and de contamination etc. Outside of the protection the Ceramic provides it will allow for ease of cleaning and really make the paint shine pop. As far as cost mine was 2000 up here in Canada. I think it is a wise investment for such a beautiful and expensive truck
I paid $2000 for a ceramic pro lifetime package in SC. I also got the truck ppf which was an additional cost but will help with scratches and rock chips. Most dealerships so called ceramic protection is nothing more than a wax or a top coat ceramic that will likely last a yr.
That’s what I’m afraid of. The other, legit and more expensive options last much longer from what I’ve been told.
Thanks you.

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