DC-DC Charging on ZR2



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Mar 27, 2023
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I have a 12V LIFO battery (250aH) that I keep in vehicle bed and I use provided AC outlet for charging as vehicle is driving. Benefit is that I don't have to pull wire from battery for DC-DC charging. But this limits to about 30A charging, though I use a 25A AC-DC charger.

Say, if I use DC-DC charging, what is the max amps I can pull for charging? I believe ZR2 has 170A alternator. Any thoughts on this based on your experience?
It does have a 170 amp alternator, but refreshed trucks with a max tow package come with a 220 amp one. So a ZR2 should be able to fit the 220 one NP. I looked up the part and almost did it to mine. It wasn't that expensive.

As far as the max you can pull I'm not sure. The DC to DC charger should handle itself. As in it shouldn't pull to much. That's sorta of the point of them, so you don't burn up the alternator. The charger will also adjust its output based on what's coming in. I'm sure a 40 amp would be fine. If you wanted to do a 60 amp the larger alternator might be a good idea. Just because I don't know if the 60 would really be much faster with the factory 170 amp alternator.

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