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Nov 27, 2023
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St. Cloud FL
Hey guys, new to the site. Have a couple questions I’m hoping you’ll have some answers to. I just purchased a used 2022 1500 ZR2 with 14k miles. I like it because someone had installed the power running boards, and a hard rolling tonneau cover. I also found LED lights under the truck and wheel wells that I installed an app for and they worked!

I’m trying to lift the truck to fit 35’s with 22” wheels with a -44 offset. I really only wanted to do a 2”-3” lift if possible. I checked with Readylift and they only offer a 4” lift, 6” lift, as well as a level kit. I’m not sure why they offer a level kit as my truck sits higher in the front now (I’m measuring 25.75” from center of wheel to wheel well in front and 25.25” in rear. Does this make sense? Do these trucks come stock with those measurements? It appears someone already did a level to the truck but no signs of anything installed.

Any recommendations on which lift will fit my needs without going another 4” or 6”? I’m also working on hertz Mille speaker upgrade with JL audio subs as well as exhaust.

Any suggestions appreciated!


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