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Nov 26, 2023
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Northern California
Hey members, just picked up my zr2 hd bison last week and was wondering how do I find out and extra accessories available for the aev steel bumpers? I noticed that the plastic trim in front comes off to accommodate a winch and some off road lighting? And same in the back (off road lighten) as well. I can’t find anything through the Chevy app or manual that says anything about these extra accessories that can be added, any leads would be great, thanks
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I haven't seen anything about this yet either. Might want to contact AEV and see if they have specific products or recommendations for other vendors. They don't show any parts on website, but do for other vehicles they have packages installed.

I like the look of the AEV bumpers and I think they'll perform well. However, there is way too much plastic parts on them and the gaps between pastic seams are excessive. They hold a lot of dust and dirt and not sure how good they'll look in a year or two.

Also the front fog lights look nice, but the light is of below average compared to my 22 stockers. You may want to adjust them. Mine were not level between the two and I raised them a little to get better light projection in the front and sides.
I don't believe there are many accessories available yet, but I may be wrong. I think GM may have a part number for a winch that may work with this bumper.

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