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Big D's ZR2

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Apr 3, 2022
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Forestdale Ma.
I'm trying to find a bug sheild /hood protector for the 2022 ZR2 , all Co's say in their fitment list that they won't fit Trail boss or ZR2! Any help finding one would be great thanks in advance
I haven't seen one. if your main concern is to protect the finish, you might want to look into PPF. It's stupid expensive to do the whole truck. I don't think it's to bad though if you just do common rock chip area's. Leading edge of the hood, front bumper, ect. Side note though if you have paint chipping by your scoop. You might want to wait to do it to your hood till gm has an official fix.
AVS 25881...looks and fits great!

ZR2 Stone Guard.jpg

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