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Apr 18, 2022
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Southwest Ohio
Took an old GoPro and set it up inside of the flowtie just like Chevy did in the promos. I need ideas for things to do with it for cool video. Annnnd go…
Damn it now I have to do this... what did you use to secure it?
So there’s a support just behind the flowtie. It’s a pain in the ass to get your hands in there to put the GoPro on the mount and take it out but it works with my Hero Session. Probably won’t work well with any full size GoPros because the lens is off center and the support isn’t very wide. I found an old curved mount I had that allows the Session to be mounted perpendicular to a surface. I’ll get a photo of it tomorrow. Here’s the first video I did just driving around. Still needs to be tweaked a little but I’m excited for what this can bring to the table.

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