Incoming "Vehicle Locator" 2022 ZR2s at my dealership


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Jul 1, 2022
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Hello ZR2 peeps!

Initially when I went to order the ZR2 some weeks ago (…maybe a month), my dealership guy and I learned that they weren’t accepting any more 2022 6.2L orders.

But then, just a couple days ago, my dealership guy emailed me four pages of incoming 2022 ZR2s. It had “Vehicle Locator” at the top of the report.

One of those had the color as Sand Dune. …which is the color I wanted.

However, there were things listed that I did not want – or things not listed at all that I wanted.

  • It had the multi-flex tailgate. …I want the normal tailgate.
  • It had the ecchy wheels. …I want the blacked out wheels.
  • It didn’t have the Cat exhaust (…I think that’s the name). …which I wanted.
  • And it didn’t have the black out badging. …which I wanted.
There might be other things, but those are the big ones that jumped out at me.

My understanding is that even though the report shows all the build information, they may not have started building yet.

But my dealership guy also said that his manager told him that Chevy will not negotiate and let us request a few changes.

I thought I’d run this by you all here in the forum to see if you concur – or to just get any additional info supporting what my dealer says.

Cat back exhaust can be ordered from parts and black badges must come from parts. They were not available to order on the truck from the factory.

Multiflex tailgate is awesome.
Didn't want the multi-flex? Wow.

It's a game changer.
I just like the way the tailgate looks with the blacked out Chevrolet and such - OVER how the multi-flex tailgate looks.
And never mind how the back looks when the tailgate is closed, I also don't really like the look of the multi-flex when opened/unfolded.
...Just a personal preference. :)

And do you all agree that my dealership can't request changes to incoming vehicle specs? ...assuming truck build hasn't started.
I did leave it with my sales guy to maybe double-check - even though his manager indicated to him that they can't work in any changes w/Chevy.
Thanks friend!
I don't know the status, but I have to assume that is the case.
I wanted the multi-flex tailgate functionality but I prefer the look of the regular tailgate. Then a dealer told me that the multi-flex eventually rattles and squeaks. Not sure if that’s true, but it was enough to convince me.

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