Is This Chevy’s Best Off-Roader? 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 ZR2 Duramax Diesel First Drive?

That's my only regret with my 22' no Diesel option. :cautious:
I’ve loved my ‘22, it’s been solid. I’ve not had the electronics issues, lifters or anything major. The ride, interior, looks, and creature comforts are great in my opinion. I did have the faux hood scoop and hood paint chipping issue but GM took care of it under warranty. My biggest complaint is fuel tank range! Almost ran it out on i80 last winter, coasted into a station and my cousin has a ‘23 and his did run out of gas on i80 a couple weeks ago coming back from a hunting trip. Obviously part of it is user error / poor planning (first world problems I know) but I’ve just gotten used to larger tanks and a bit better mileage. I’m hopeful the 3.0 at least gives some improved mileage and therefore overall range. We will see.

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