New ZR2 Being Tested

I probably wouldn’t buy a version with the LT4 for the same reasons the TRX and Raptor high horsepower trucks don’t attract me. But I sure would love to see a ZR2 with the LT4 on the market because I love interesting vehicles. A supercharged Silverado is definitely interesting.
Hopefully factory 35s and atleast unleash the 6.2 closer to 500hp
As much as I know it won't happen, I'd like to see that 5.5 from the Z06 in it. Even a slightly detuned version would still be a beast. I don't need the crazy high horsepower numbers like the TRX either, but at least something special for the truck would be nice.
I just want to have the coolest Chevy truck around for at least one year!
I mentioned to my dealer when I ordered the ZR2 that when the supercharged version came out I wanted to be first on the list.

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