Over Air Vehicle Update


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May 20, 2022
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South Texas
Not really a problem. Earlier today when I put the truck in park a message popped up on the infotainment screen “Vehicle Update”. The message explained it would take approximately 5 minutes and things like locks and lights may not work during the update. Then it instructs to turn the vehicle off.

Just wondering if anyone has any insight as to what the update may have been for.
If you go to system in the menu, there is a message that states that the update is to prep the system for future over-the-air updates and failure to do the update will prevent the truck from future OTA upgrades. I did it in the Walmart parking lot tonight, took about 3-4 minutes. I haven’t really noticed anything different, seems like I don’t remember the selection presses turning red, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention. My system has always been very responsive and I didn’t notice any changes.

I haven’t looked online yet to see if there is any documentation, but maybe one of the guys on here that works for GM or a dealership can help out…

Hope that helps.
Updated mine when I parked at work today. I hope this update addresses the main screen. Mine has been incredibly slow since day 1.

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