rear camera issue, question


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Sep 25, 2022
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i have a deposit on a New ZR2 and the rear camera system is not working, i will not take delivery until it is fixed. dealer has trouble shot it with GM and they are saying that the coax is bad, the coax runs inside the camera wiring harness and the harness will need to be replaced, there is NO harness available and they will have to make a new harness.. which will take weeks.
anyway my question is what all has to come apart to replace this harness??? and should i walk away from this one because i have a problem with the dash having to be torn apart by the dealer on a new truck..
Which rear camera? Or is it all of them? Then again, you might just wait and grab another truck. I didn’t buy the truck I ordered or the truck I moved my deposit to when I canceled the order. It’s not like it’s impossible to find one even if you have to drive for it.

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