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Sep 17, 2022
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Virginia Beach
Anyone have a recommendation to replace the am/fm antennae with something smaller. It seems out of place these days. Thank you
The Ronin one is what I like, however they all work decent enough especially if you don’t use AM/FM.


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I have this one and it works great! Looks factory but doesn’t hit the top of the garage.

AntennaMastsRus - 16 Inch Black Antenna is Compatible with Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2006-2022) - Spiral Wind Noise Cancellation - Spring Steel Construction
I swapped out the factory Wizard Staff in the dealer lot.

It’s still a semi-flexible piece. So it won’t impale you or more realistically be snapped off.


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Swapped mine for this 4in one. Reception is still pretty solid around town other than a few heavily trees streets. I also like the solid aluminum body do no need to remove if you use the occasional quick wash.

Maxracing Short Aluminum Antenna Compatible with Silverado 2007-2022(M7 Thread)
I’ve had this alpha defense bullet antenna on my 2020 Sierra I’m trading in when my 23 ZR2 gets built and here (long wait lol) in the 2 years I’ve had it on the truck there is no issues with it affecting the radio even though I don’t listen to it much either. Here is the link:
I have a Stubby antenna-works great! Used it on my 2020 TB, and installed it on my ZR2. I think Amazon sells them.

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