Two Issues, Any Thoughts?


Apr 12, 2023
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Apologies if this has been covered, couldn't find either in search.

1. Today while driving, my instrument panel went black. Heads up display still worked. After turning the truck off, and back on a few minutes later, the issue did not persist. 6,000 miles, first time seeing this.
2. Every time I start my truck, there is what seems to be a belt squealing for the first five minutes or so. I didn't expect my '23 truck to sound like an '89. Anybody have similar experience?

Love the truck, no other issues.
Your screen issue could have be a result of the most recent software update that is pushed through via OnStar. You can check your updates in the menu system or OnStar app.

Squealing may be a stretched or worn serpentine belt. May be loose or misaligned pulleys, may be bad ac compressor or compressor clutch. May be Alternator causing both the squeal and the low power making infotainmen
t screen blank.

I would run it into the dealer since you got a couple things happening and it's all warranty work.

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