ZR2 4in BDS lift kit installed! Perfect!


Jun 15, 2023
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Got the new first Silverado ZR2 specifically designed lift kit installed from BDS. Perfect, my ride is back to normal and everything works great. Easily fits my 35x12.5 tires!
The shop that did the install tells me that some heavy trimming would have to be done to fit them, so I just kept my 35s.
Is that lift adjustable? Can you do a 2 inch lift with it? One thing I hate with Chevy is trying to find a balance with the clearance above the tires vs sides. I like the gap to be more proportionate.

These narrow wheel wells are a shitty design. I trimmed mine to get 295s in there. The back of the wheel well is harder to trim. Once you get past the black plastic trim and liner, there is a body to frame support bracket bolted in that is stout. It could be refabbed to get some clearance, but it would be an effort. I like the way mine turned out, but a 2 inch lift would be a little better. Since it comes with 2 inch lift, that would make it 4.
No, it's a 4in lift, so 6 total with factory 2in lift. My 35x12.5s fit under it without any major trimming at all at 4in.
6 looks too high to me...I would go for an additional 2 at most.
It's all about propotions. This truck already looks a little small lenghtwise due to short bed and extra length in the cab. With the extra space in wheel well above the tire, it just looks a little off. That's why I think 2 inches of lift would be a happy medium.

I've seen plenty of Trail Boss 1/2 ton trucks with 6 inch lifts and they look good with 35s, but they don't seem to have odd proportions.
BDS-1829H, call them before the summer sale is up, it’s around $1800.00+ after the 20% discount for summer2023. They will do the discount if you mention it, it’s a 3+ week wait time due to supply and demand.
Looks good…does the BDS kit widen the front track width? I think my old BDS my front tires stuck out further then the rear
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Lots of lifts do widen the front track width. That's why I like Cognito for Chevy they keep them the same.
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They are Recon tailights and the only ones that look better than stock LEDs in my opinion. They are OEM quality and have direct wiring. They come in a few colors, I got the smoked red version.

The wheels are Vossen HF6-4 wheels.


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