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May 25, 2022
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Hi All,

Anyone here in Wisconsin looking for a ZR2? I have a fully loaded black one with 125k warranty and the ceramic coating as well. Near milwaukee, just looking for someone interested to buy outright. Just pay what the loan is.

I bought it and realized I just don’t need it and thought someone who really wants it can buy it from me. Has 1,200 miles on it

Let me know.
Holy smoke
some Colorado Legal !!!
Don’t let dealers markup your vehicle.

Let them know you will put them to their corporate office. My dealership wrote mine up for MSRP and not a penny more. If a dealership is trying to tack on $50K, walk away from it. You can buy two of another vehicle for that. That’s just insane.
Jesus they're selling for $107K USD over there? Maybe I should just drive mine over the border and sell it lol
Most of them are going for, or are at least listed at anyway, $83k-$87k for a used one. Which is still stupid.
They're trying to make a quick $45k on that truck. It was sold to a business/organization and the dealer that sold it is Hendrick in Ga. So it looks like they sold it to themselves and then transferred it to their Texas store as a used truck to try and make a huge profit.
People like that give legitimate dealers a bad name
I just went on their site, asked me if they could help… I said not at that price 😂😂.. I then explained I ordered the same exact truck in black at got it for MSRP at my local dealership.. Only I added was a sunroof..

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