ZR2 with Fuel Wheels and Nitto Tires

I would love to see the truck on 35’s without bumper corners. If they come off, why is it taking everyone so long to just… take them off?
The bumper corners come off but there is multiple fasteners and bolts.
I believe also the fog lamp housing is inside corner.Basically it’s not a walk in the park my experience so I haven’t tried yet.
The truck Looks wayyyy better than the 33’s in my opinion. A little rub but gonna modify
Better photos
wow Perfect. Definetely this is how it should came from factory.
1. Do the extra width of the 305-70r18 makes it flush or pokes out ?
2. Are you using any wheel spacer ?
3. No leveling kit?
4. More pictures please from the front and rear. I really apreciate


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