2019 RAM 3500 Limited Mega Cab HO traded for 2024 ZR2 Duramax


Oct 16, 2023
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I picked up a 2024 Silverado 1500 ZR2 with the 3.0 DMax engine on Saturday. I had a 2019 RAM Limited Mega Cab with the 6.7 HO Cummins with about 10,000 miles that had been a great truck but I do not need a one ton truck for what I used the truck for. I figured that the lockers, 10 speed and 3.0 Dmax engine would suit my needs better. With the value of the RAM I ended up getting some money back on the trade in so that was an added bonus.
Here are some observations.
1. The RAM by far has the better interior as far as leather and wood custom touches. I realize that the ZR2 is more of an outdoor type truck and the RAM is a luxury hauler.
2. Cameras are better on the ZR2 as far as clarity and the ease in which you can access them.
3. Rear seat room is comparable which surprised me. The center tunnel is lower on the ZR2 by quite a bit.
4. The electronic tech is better on the ZR2. The Ram is a 2019 so that is probably understandable. The HUD on the ZR2 is a nice addition.
5. Just driving around I do not notice any less HP or Torque between the two trucks. I think the 3.0 and 10 speed are a perfect match.
6. The ride quality on the ZR2 is better but not as much as I had expected.
7. It is nice to have a smaller truck in my day to day as the ZR2 has a much smaller turning radius the RAM Mega Cab. The RAM is a BIG truck.
8. Overall I am glad that I made the switch. I love both trucks but decided on the Chevy as I have always been a Chevy guy at heart.
Correction on item #6. I had the ZR2 on Sport and not on normal. It rides it much better now it is in "normal" mode. Night and day difference between this and 3500 RAM.
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Here are some photos of the ZR2 and the RAM when I traded it in. I wanted a different color on the ZR2 and the blackout package was not my thing but it has been a great truck thus far....in about a week and half.


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Rams have had better interiors since about 2014. The new GMs are a step in the right direction, but they aren't better. My Dad has a 23 Ram Laramie Longhorn and the interior and electronics are a little better.

You'll find the electronics on these trucks to be very quirky and some have proven to be horrible, especially the infotainment system. Mine seems to work pretty well most of the time, then suddenly several functions seem to be messed up. I think a lot of it has to do with the Google software programming and incompatibility with Android and Apple phones.

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