2023 Silverado ZR2 Bison - Black


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Aug 16, 2023
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Chantilly, VA
Hello - I've always had a Z71 and decided to "upgrade" to the ZR2 a few weeks ago. My local dealer had a ZR2 Bison on the lot and it was marked down to the normal ZR2 price. Who was I to pass that up?!? The ZR2 is night and day different from the 2011 Z71 I traded in (I keep vehicles a while).

No mods yet, only ceramic tint on windows and in-channel deflectors. I do want to take off the rock sliders and install Amp Research power steps extreme. My wife is short and my 3 y/o toddler is even shorter :) The power steps would just make it easier for everyone. Aside from the power steps I'm looking for an exhaust system that isn't extremely loud, but definitely sounds like a truck and also let the 6.2 breathe a lot better. I've had Magnaflow in the past, but want to see if there something better out there.

Hopefully, someone will crack the encryption soon do Diablew can write a tune for this truck, like he did my 2011 Z71 and our 2016 Tahoe.

Any input/suggestions will be appreciated!

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