24 HD ZR2 ordering is open


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May 15, 2023
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Lancaster PA
The build and price is not active, yet. However, James, who posts on the forum was gracious and went through the options with me. I put in my order and the wait begins!

James was super responsive to messages over the last month while I was waiting on the order banks to open. He told me he would message me when orders opened up and that's exactly what he did. I give James a 5 star rating and encourage anyone who is thinking about ordering to contact him. It doesn't hurt that he offers Supplier Pricing to everyone. It was lower than I expected because the MSRP was much better than I thought by a least 10k.
The power builds different in the Duramax vs the Cummins. I've towed heavy with both and they are great motors. I like the Cummins better for heavy towing, but the Duramax for everyday use.

Both are much better at their jobs with air bags to level the load and keep from bouncing.

A lot easier to change oil on the Duramax and its only 2.5 gallons vs 3 for Cummins.

Tough to beat the Allison transmission.

Sorry you had to drive a Ford, especially that 2006 turd!

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