2nd Battery?

Would be very interesting to see where guys are putting them. I have one in my current truck for in the back country...

There are a couple spots Im thinking might work, and might allow to swap my current setup over without much modification. Will have to get the truck home and in the garage first though and go through it to be sure.

The 3/4 - 1 ton diesels should have the option of a second battery? Will have to go check one out
I think the HD models of the Silverado have a spot under the hood for the second battery, but the ZR2 and TB 2022 took that spot out. Its pretty cramped under the hood to fit a nice yellow-top for accessories. I'm looking to add a bunch of stuff like lights, winch, possibly a fridge, and others, so a second battery will be a necessity. So I'm looking to see if anyone else has figured out a plan yet :)

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