Australian ZR2 custom bush rig

Damn, that's the nicest half-million dollar ZR2 you'll see all week.
Definitely. This is obviously pretty over the top, but I think it’s the point of most YouTube videos, to create heat for clicks. Still, there’s definitely a lot of tech on this rig that I’d absolutely love to have for my truck.
That's cool and all, But at the same time. It really seems kind of silly. I get it was a throw everything at it because Youtube. That just seems like a lot of weight to add to a half ton. Especially one with only 3.23 gears. Stretching that front end out so far like that seems like it would kill approach angle. He didn't mention anything about the factory 170amp alternator. I can't imagine it running all that. Heck I wanted the Max tow 220 alternator in mine just because of my stereo and Air compressors, Not to mention if I add a single winch. This guys has all that plus 3 winches a fridge, tv, starlink and I lost count on how many lights. I get the two large batteries, but you got to be able to put in more than you are pulling.

Gets a ZR2 with DSSV shocks and vented cooled seats. Removes DSSV shocks and covers up the seats. Rearview mirror camera is useless now. Zr2 Bumpers gone. tires and wheels gone. Lol, they even removed the badges. I guess they went ZR2 just for the front locker. Seems like the most expensive front locker ever, lol.

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