Black wheel option

I saw someone else on a forum say if you add, then subtract on the configurator, they come out to around $2,200 as a "removal" of the item.
It appears to be a no cost option. I know it says see dealer or something on the builder, but i've looked at several incoming vehicles and it doesn't show a charge for the black wheels on the invoice.
Thank God. I mean, I'll bet it doesn't cost any more one way or the other. If it was 2200, I might opt for the gold inlay, machine faced. Glad I don't have to.
I hope not for anyone. My dealer is pretty honest. I feel he is a fair guy. I would call BS though if some scheister tried that
I'm a little cynical about these trucks right now. I've talked to too many dealers who are just gouging everywhere. I think I found a good one for mine that has already been built, but I just don't know for real until it arrives...
The Saleswoman I talked to at one dealer said it's "no cost", but they would find out the cost later. I'm very curious what some dealers will charge.
If you build it online it adds a charge.
interesting, I see that now, something about the spare. not sure why, I think they will do either at no charge though, I've looked at several invoices on built trucks, no charge or price difference on them.

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