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Feb 21, 2023
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I've confirmed that the Cognito Motorsports Economy Levelling kit will work with HD ZR2 and AT4X. I think I still want to take some measurements to see if I can run 37s with it. It seems like there is plenty of room in these wheel wells.

I decided I would probably install this one, as I've run a couple of their lift kits in the past. They make really nice kits and seem to be durable over the long haul.



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Hey Axe, quick question man.
I recently installed peak suspensions leveling kit for the ZR2 and rotated my tires and got an alignment. Since this work has been done my truck is about 10x bouncier it seems like it went from amazing suspension to less than mediocre lol. I’m wondering if it’s normal with the lift kit? Or I tightened things to tight or the alignment guys at Firestone messed something up.
I’m wondering if I should try and talk the dealer into investigating for free on behalf of the warranty OR going back to Firestone and having them look at it.
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Check all the fasteners on suspension and make sure they are torqued to spec.

Did they balance the tires too? That can cause unsettling of suspension.

I think it's related to alignment. Once you change the geometry of the suspension, you may not be able to align to factory specs. I've always taken my lifted trucks to a guy that does them for a lift shop and they ride great.

I just had my ZR2 aligned cause I thought it acted a little squarely. It was all within spec, but dealer did tweak it a bit and it handles better. Just did 4000 miles in three weeks and it handled like a dream.

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