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Sep 7, 2022
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Today I woke up with a dead battery in 22 ZR2, I was able to jump it and it started fine. After this I noticed that I had the Window Lock button engaged and when the truck is off it stays illuminated.

1. Can anyone confirm if they have Window Lock enabled, if the light stays on when the truck turns off? (Maybe it turns off after 30 mins? I watched it stay on for 10+ and did not shut off)
2. Has anyone has issues with their Tailgate randomly opening? (Before the issue with the dead battery, my tailgate opened two days in a row overnight)
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I am running out for lunch now. I’ll lock the windows before I turn off the truck and let you know.

It’s funny you say that about the tailgate. I came out yesterday morning and my tailgate was open but the truck was still locked. And one day last week I came out after work and all four windows were down. I just figured I must have hit the key fob in my pocket.
I have 23 no dead battery but I did have a problem with the radio about 3 weeks ago. I turned off truck and opened door to exit but radio did not turn off. I closed the door and locked it and still can hear the radio playing. I got back in and started it closed doors and turned it off and existed again. Same thing but this time I just left it playing I said worst thing I'll have a dead battery tomorrow morning. But no started good hasn't done it again since then.
I was stuck in accessory mode a few weeks ago - disconnected battery before it drained. Shift to park warning and service transmission warning. Dealer replaced transmission valve body (didn't work) then replaced a wiring harness. This is what they ordered:

Part DescriptionPart Number
(S)SEAL KIT24047736
I am running out for lunch now. I’ll lock the windows before I turn off the truck and let you know.
The window lock light stayed on with the truck off and was still on 45 minutes later.

I can’t confirm if the truck has the update as it’s 22 and I bought it about 2 weeks ago with 2700 miles but I would think the dealer would have done the updates.
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I had dead battery issues almost my whole first year. If it sat more than 3 days it needed a jump. Dealership said the battery was “critically low” and they charged it and no dead battery since.

Electrical issues abound with dead batteries in this truck. Everything is essentially integrated. When the battery would die, it would have 20 random errors on the dashboard for a few hours after. Specifically my power steering was fully dead and would say “power steering failure” on the dash. The auto start/stop didn’t work almost the whole first year I had it, but after they charged it, works flawlessly - I don’t necessarily WANT it, but it not working always worried me about electrical issues. When the battery would die I’d get these random alerts on the dash after I jumped it that the speed was limited to 43mph (oddest number of all they could’ve chosen).

Anyway, the dealership said the cells were all good. No idea why a truck I picked up on day 2 of it being off the train had a severely depleted battery that would never charge with the alternator even on long drives. They couldn’t give me any info. Have your battery evaluated though if it keeps happening.

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