Front camera relocation kit


Dec 17, 2022
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hi All,

wanted to add this here on a mod I did for my truck to relocate the front camera since I'm having front auxiliary lights installed.
I will be installing front auxiliary lights that might block the view of the front camera, I needed to find a solution to avoid an issues with my front camera view being obstructed or blocked and I couldn't seem to find anything online for our Silverado platform.

Just to give you an idea how my light set up will be the inspiration is from Dirt Kings Instagram page, bellow image
Dirt king truck zr2.jpg

I did manage to get in touch with the owner of the truck and he did mention the lights to obstruct the front camera view only on the left and the right sides of the truck but has no issue with the front, which isnt something i would frankly be comfortable with.

I did stumble upon a relocate kit for a ford raptor made by a company called nine volt ( Link to camera relocate kit ) bellow image for your reference.
Nine volt ford f-150 raptor front relocate kit.JPG

As you can see they offer an extension wire for the camera along with the housing, I did end up ordering this and decided to try my luck with it, I did face some implications but luckily the camera wire in the kit is compatible with our cameras but the housing needs to be modified, interestingly our cameras are much larger than the ones on the ford raptor (very ironic for a very expensive truck like the ford raptor having a smaller camera)

bellow images for a before and after trimming of the camera housing to accommodate my camera into it.

Camera case before trimming.JPG
trimming photo.jpg
camera and wire installed.jpg
outside photo of camera in case.jpg

Please note you will have to also trim the diameter of the camera hole to accommodate the bigger lense of the camera if you plan on doing something like this.

If anybody has managed to do anything better please do share, I don't know if I will be permanently sticking this since this housing is actually 3D printed and I would honestly prefer a metal housing for the camera. but overall frankly I'm satisfied with this.
got an update on this, contacted Nine volt the company that developed the camera relocation kit for the raptor.

We should be expecting a relocation kit soon for the Silverado ZR2 in the coming weeks as it is being developed now glad to be part of working with them and giving them insight on my mod and overall feedback of fitment!

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