Front end sounds awful if I go over even a speed bump.


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Feb 4, 2024
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Asheville NC
I bought my 2023 truck in January of last year and I waited for a leveling kit to come out. I had researched that I needed to do control arms as well and possibly regearing for 35s. I went to the local 4 x 4 tire shop that I typically go to And they told me I did not need control arms to do a level to simply just do a leveling spacer and that was all I needed. I told them that everyone online said you need to do the control arms but the shop was insistent, and said no you don’t. So I went ahead and got the level and put 35s on. it seemed extremely rough but they were very clear that it was just the sidewall from the 35s. Still didn’t seem right to me so a few month later I went over a speed bump, and it sounded like my front end was gonna fall off, so I took it back to them and they torqued everything and said it was fine. They took it for a test drive couldn’t get it to re-create the noise so I took them for a drive and went over a speed bump and the guy was blown away and couldn’t figure out what it was said it might be faulty struts from Chevy. Yeah no. Both just happen to go out at the same time? The sound is on both sides.

So my question to y’all is what all is possibly messed up on my front end that I’m gonna have to replace and I’m guessing I probably should not take it to the dealer because they might void my warranty.

Thanks in advance. I’m new here.
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