Front Turn Signal Not Working


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Jun 18, 2023
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Passenger front turn signal and marker don't function at all.

5Th time it does this, so I drove straight to the dealer. They couldn't get me in today but have it scheduled for Friday along with its first oil change.

Haven't got it down to when it happens because it randomly does it. The first time I checked all the fuses and none were blown. So by the time I checked everything about 10 minutes had passed I turned the truck back on to check again and it was working. So I thought maybe something was loose.

3 Days later it did it again. And 3 more times wwithin 45 days.

What I have noticed is that when this happens, if I let it sit with everything off for 10+ minutes, it goes back to working normally.

I've tried all the combinations, cycling through the light switch, fogs on off and nothing happens.

You can do a system reset by disconnecting the negative battery terminal and waiting. Then reconnecting. Have to cycle the windows up and down per directions on DIC.

There might be some more details on that process but that's what I recall from installing my power assist steps.

I'll try it if it happens again before I take it to the stealership
Mine randomly winked for a little while about 10,000 miles ago. Sat overnight and the problem hasn’t occurred since.

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