Leveled 2500HD ZR2


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Feb 21, 2023
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After measuring my truck ride height, I determined that it was about 44.25" from ground to bottom of fender well in the rear and 43" in front. I decided to level it some with the stock keys to see what happened.

I jacked up the front end so tires were off the ground an inch, grabbed a 21 mm socket and a 20 inch long breaker bar, then cranked the bolts in the torsion bar keys 3 turns. That took it within about 3/4 of level and looked pretty good. It also drove good and suspension felt normal.

Then I decided to go another turn up for a total of four turns. I feel that is about the limit before you should level with different keys and needing a level kit. It ended up with the fronts at 43.5" rears at 44" after driving about 5 miles. It rides really well, alignment seems good, and it was still a nice ride. In terms of ride quality, the front felt a little better, but rear may have been a tad stiffer.

She looks good and if anything with the hood scoop it may look a little too high. The front profile is definitely better, but the side more subtle. Gonna run her a bit more and decide if this will work. May be adding some 37s next week, so I'll check the alignment then.


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What a difference 1/2” makes. Much better!
Yeah doesn't take much sometimes, it's technically 3/4 gain on rear, cause rear squatted some. I think the front benefits the most as there is more reveal on the front tires under the bumper. I felt the same way about the 1500.
I really don't think you need a leveling kit to achieve some desirable results. In fact, the leveling kits are usually 2+ inches, so may need to add a larger block in the rear.

I think if you wanted to run 38s, a leveling kit would work, but may need new UCAs as the stock UCA only clears inside of tire about 3/4 inch. I'm actually concerned that 37s might not clear. All kinds of room in the wheel well tho.
Looks like the tire tuck on the 2500’s is not as dramatic as the little brother. Actually looks nice. Front wheel spacing is too narrow on the 1500’s for my taste.
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Yep, I think it's petty good. I personally would like 1-1.5 inches wider. I'm thinking if I go to 37x13.5s I might get close enough. With these AEV rims, I'm kind of committed. Wish they were -12 offset.
Have you done this yet? Getting my 2500 Monday and want to go aftermarket tires and rims. Have any idea what it will fit ? I personally will not Do a leveling kit with torsion bars.
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I haven't changed tires yet, but have them ordered. I am going with Toyo MTs in 37x13.5R18. There is plenty of room for bigger tires in the wheel well. The limiting factor with stock rims is the small space between the UCA and inside wall of tire Toyo MTs have a heavy shoulder lug, so not sure they'll fit. I don't really want to buy new wheels as I already paid extra for the Bison AEV wheels, which I really like. -12 offset wheels would have been the better option.


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As a follow up to this torsion bar adjustment, I wanted to let everyone know this did not require an alignment adjustment. Had it into the dealer for anothet issue and they checked it and said alignment was in spec. Still rides great after settling in.

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