loose drivers seat

This was common on seats stood 2014 to 2018. These are different seats but may need to have bases retorqued or have the attachment hardware replaced. There was a specific hardware kit installed for other vehicles with loose seats.
GM never learns. My 99 Corvette had the same issue.
You’re right, no lessons learned. My ‘91 S-10 pickup had paint on the cab roof that would easily flake off when lightly touched. They must be playing a numbers game with cost accepting a certain percentage of warranty claims. Gotta be less costly to do it right the first time for certain things like paint, drivetrain and electronics.
My driver seat does the same thing. Going mention it to the dealer but they only seem to want to act on recalls.
I had one of my Silverado’s with this problem and may have been a GMC Sierra but the dealer installed a shim kit and that worked for a while but did not solve it forever. Probably lasted 40,000 miles.
I looked at mine today. I couldn’t duplicate the movement or noise by pushing and pulling hard on the seat. I was looking under while doing this. The mount to the floor didn’t shift or the seat in the track. Going to mention at dealer next time in but seems like they will have drive it to duplicate it.
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