New Wheels 18x9 -12 PERECT!

OK, here's the pictures I JUST took. Remember guys, I'm only posting to show you what I did in hopes that it helps someone else out.
For me, the work is warrantied by Allen Tire, it looks spot on to me, rides perfect and handles great. In the end, that's all that really matters. Good luck.
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SPDY how are you liking your rim/tire combo? Just curious if when comes time for new tires will stick with Goodyear or try something different? Thanks
I have an update after emailing ready lift and looks like their website reflects the update that their 1.75” leveling kit is approved with alignment specs and the upper a arm will not rub the cool springs when wheel travel lengthens. Hope this helps.
Where are you seeing that? I am looking at the 1.75 leveling kit for Trail Boss and it still says Not Compatible with AT4X and ZR2
How is your control arm holding up? that has been my concern with leveling mine. It is to be delivered in a week and i've already bought a 2" level kit. From what I've seen, it is recommended to swap the control arm as well due to the new angle it is placed in.
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