Order accepted today 10/4 HD ZR2

hoping for the best for you. I placed my order 8/2, received build start date of 8/28, was notified build was complete on first week of September not sure what day, and it's been sitting in waiting on transport status since with no word on possible ship date.
Update, my truck was built 11/3, arrived to my dealer this past Wednesday 11/15. Just picked it up today!


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Other than the CEL I got on the way home from the dealer, so far it's awesome. I had a 2015 LTZ 2500 that I had put a 4" BDS lift on and was running 35" tires. I loved the stance on that truck. I have seen plenty of the 2024's running around but had only gotten a glimpse of one ZR2 in the wild before seeing my truck. It's huge! (Insert Michael Scott joke). Seriously though, I was considering trying to fit 37's on it but now that I have it I am more than happy with the 35's. It's got a great stance right from the factory. My wife complimented how smooth it rode for a 3/4 ton truck. So far I really like it, but I only have 150 miles on it right now haha!

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