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Dec 17, 2022
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hey guys,

I wanted to share a build plan I've been putting together recently for spectating Dakar in the coming years so I could go off the grid for 7-12 days and be comfortable with my truck.

Here is a list of things I have put together and will be installing on the truck soon:
-Uptop Zulu Roof rack (up top Zulu rack link)
-IKAMPER BDV duo roof top tent (Ikamper RTT Link)
-Clevershade 180 or 270 Awning (still waiting on deciding which one to get out of the 2) (Clevershade 270 deluxe link)
-Quick Pitch Shower Awning
-Companion Aquaheat lithium gas shower (got to have the luxury of a hot shower during cold climates!) (Companion hot shower link)
-Ecoflow Glacier dual zone fridge freezer (ECOFLOW fridge link)
-Ecoflow DELTA 2 portable power station (ECOFLOW powerstation link)

and for lighting mods:
-X4 Baja designs LP6 (bumper mounted)
-x2 Baja designs LP4 (A-pillar mounted)
-x1 Baja designs 40-inch ONYX6 dual control (roof-mounted)
-x4 Baja designs rock lights (2 mounted on each side of the roof rack)
-x2 Baja designs S2 pros (mounted on the rear of the roof rack for chase lights)

for gear boxes and kitchen equipment, I am still waiting out on what to decide on carrying for extended trips. Not a fan of drawer systems since I still want usable bed space to carry my dirtbike around whenever I want to.

I'm happy to hear what you guys think and have to share!
I will definitely be posting build photos when things come together!
Should be a hell of a rig! Look forward to seeing it come together!
got a small update to share on the build. i had to cancel on getting a roof rack from uptop, unfortunately they only accept wire transactions for international customers, which is weird since i really never had a problem with online payments with any online vendor based in the USA shipping internationally.

Decided to go with KB Voodoo Fabrications bedrack should be more practical, especially mounting all my awnings onto it.
KB Voodoo website link
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