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Jan 1, 2023
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Newbie here. I picked up my ZR2 4 days ago after totaling my F150 on Christmas Eve. I see lots of discussion about wheel spacers but I'm struggling to synthesize the experience of this running stock equipment with spacers (no lift or other mod - simply installing spacers).

1. Any issues with alignment?

2. Any issues with tire wear?

3. Any suspension issues?
I've never run spacers before and the only online resources I find suggest that running anything more than 20-25 mm spacers requires a mod to suspension geography. I'm contemplating 1.5" spacers for my new truck.

I’ve been waiting on some 1.25” spacers to come in. From what I’ve gathered 1.5” spacers go right on with no modifications needed. Just want to make sure they are hub centric and good quality. Wish I could say mine are on and work great, but I’ve been waiting a few weeks and they still haven’t shipped out yet.
BORA's are the best in the business from what I've read. Also Running BORA myself. Ran them on my previous truck for 26K KMs with 0 issues.

If you retain factory spec wheels, you will not need to zip your studs off. GM OEM wheels have clearance cavities so that the hub can mount up flush without interference from protruding studs if you choose to run spacers. Pretty neat for Factory stuff.

If you go aftermarket wheels, likelihood is that you'll need to zip the studs. my 2c.

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