swapped my 23 ZR2 to a 24 ZR2 3.0


Feb 17, 2023
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North Hollywood
Went to my local dealer to get money from the GM for messing up my aftermarket wheel and there was a 2024 ZR2 3.0L babymax parked upfront. made a deal and drove my babymax home. I love it so far, 450 mile range full tank.
Very nice. What is the lift with the control arms? I just bought my 2024 ZR2 3.0 on Saturday so I am new here.
@AramsZR2 ...tell us about your deal? Trade value? Babymax pricing? Thanks
Same question if you don't mind. I almost pulled the trigger on trading up for it but the numbers just too tough to swallow. Not having the baby D-max is the only thing I would change about my truck.
Why be so secretive? We aren't asking about his sex life ;)
no idea my friend...on the other hand, imagine walking up to a stranger at a dealership holding a new key fob and ask him for the nitty gritty financial details on his truck transaction? And if he didn't respond be like, "dude, why be secretive, I'm not asking about your sex life" :ROFLMAO: - I'm totally joking around here but when you think about it, online interactions are super interesting vs real life...

I got my '24 for $750 over invoice, minus $500 teacher discount (thanks to the wife), and a $1500 GM card cash in. Dealer is selling my '22 on consignment...TBD on what I ultimately get, they handle all details for $1000 and all I do is show up to sign over title once it's finalized. Worth it to me, don't have to deal with tire kickers, paperwork, payoffs, etc.

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