Truck King reviews the Silverado HD ZR2


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Jul 6, 2021
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Truck King reviews the 2024 Chevy Silverado HD ZR2, or as some say the zed R2. :ROFLMAO:

"A brand new heavy duty off-road pickup truck that will compete with the Ford Super Duty Tremor and the Ram Power Wagon."
She's a squatter! That's a lightweight trailer too.

Not surprised about the squat. I was just saying in another post that this truck will have soft suspension compared to other 2500s. To be fair though. That is a toy hauler and I'm guessing they don't have a toy in it. They are front heavy when empty. They sort of have to be. If they were balanced when empty. They wouldn't tow well at all with a 2klb SxS in the back behind the trailer axles. I built a toy hauler out of a cargo trailer a few years back. It was also front heavy when empty. But was great once you loaded a SxS or two in it. Weight distribution Hitch is really needed on an empty toy hauler. But yeah, you wouldn't really expect a trailer under 8kLbs to squat a 2500 that much with a 2,900lb payload.

I'm actually ok with the squat though. I'm seriously considering switching to a HD. But I'm really hoping they don't ride like an HD. That much squat on that little trailer, gives me hope the ride will be pretty plush, lol. Everything I typically pull is less than 8k. I just want the 36 gallon tank, tow mirrors and standard bed. 6.6 gas with no DFM doesn't hurt either. I am curious to see some real world MPG numbers on the HD ZR2. Bigger tank sounds great, But depending on the mileage. It might not really extend the range all that much. Also it's a bit silly, but I still miss my column shifter. I've put 18k miles on my ZR2. I still reach for a dang column shifter that ain't there from time to time:ROFLMAO:

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