2024 ZR2 3.0--after another 6.2 Failure


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Feb 17, 2022
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Tulsa, OK
I had a 2020 LTZ and went though two 6.2 engines, one at 53,000 and the replacement when out after 1,800 miles and upon the third engine installed, my 2022 ZR2 showed up. A year and 2 months and 21,000 miles another 6.2 failure in the ZR2.....Although I bleed Chevy, I'm tired of bleeding 6.2 issues.

My normal dealer just got a 24' 3.0, so I took it for a drive as I was about to jump brands, never owned any other brand of truck besides Chevy and the 3.0 brought me back as I was impressed with it and the fact might be able to keep an engine together, since Chevy can't seem to address the 6.2 issues as they should.

Been in a loaner waiting for a replacement engine to be found and was just installed on 10/24/23, so won't even be driving it again, as traded last night.

My dealer went above and beyond to make the trade right and tight :)... helps when you buy a next truck appx every 2-3 years for the last 15 years.

They will swap my wheels/tires and tonneau cover, install tint, black-out emblems and lettering and pick up next week and off for ceramic coat.

Cheers to the 3.0 hopefully being the one that stays together!!


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Man, sorry to hear this story. You’ve been through a lot. Were each of the engine replacements under warranty? Do recall how long it took for dealer to swap the engine including wait time on parts?

Congrats on the new 2024 3.0!
All under warranty, all fully serviced by selling dealer. Took a week the two times prior, this time took 3 weeks, 6.2 replacements are scare at the moment. This last time broke the block and got metal in the cooling system so they had to also replace the radiator, trans cooler and cooling lines. I know most don't have these issues, but I sure seem too of no fault of my own, but that is also why I don't play the lotto LOL
I've always driven Chevy's for my personal vehicles with few issues over 35 years. If I smoked three motors, I'd be driving Rams. We run Rams for a business and they have been good to me as well.

I just feel like the new way of doing business is sell at all costs, we'll address issues as they arise and maybe we'll help the customer along way if it's not too much trouble.
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Wow three different engines between two trucks in three years. That's pretty crazy. Kind of makes you wonder about the service department maybe? That does seem incredibly unlucky. Hopefully the 3.0 will treat you better. Main issues with them seem to be oil consumption and emissions.

I agree with AXE. I'm a Chevy guy mainly, but if I was averaging 1 engine a year, I'd make a change lol

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