AC Delco PF 63 Oil Filter Anatomy


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Feb 21, 2023
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I changed oil on both my wife's 6.2 L Tahoe and ZR2 at 1500 miles. Here's what I've learned.
  • Filter is constructed well with a lot of filter media.
  • Oil was darker than expected for 1500 miles.
  • Filter was doing its job well.
  • Oil had a fair amount of gray sludge visible in drain pan from metal wear.
  • Filter media had collected plenty of metal shavings deep in the pleats.
  • I personally always change oil early first time and stand by that decision based on what I've seen here.
  • Oil change is pretty clean and easy. Oil drains fast and well from drain plug. Filter will drain some on the sway bar and drive line support. Filter is set up in there and a little hard to access especially when hand tightening if you have big mitts.
  • I love changing oil and cutting open filters.


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The lighter filter media is from Tahoe and darker media is from ZR2. You can see the metal debris pretty easily.


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I did mine early at 1200 miles as well. I'll do it again at 4K. My oil was pretty clean & the filter was too, like your Tahoe. I hope this is a good sign moving forward. I do three fairly long road trips a year and I want to be able to trust this truck. It takes me a while to really believe in a new vehicle. I can only imagine having to call roadside assistance in the middle of nowhere and ruining the whole journey. I like this stuff too.
Just to be clear, the Tahoe filter looks cleaner cause it was drier after draining for two weeks on my workbench. The ZR2 filter was wet and only had 24 hours of drain time. Comparatively they were both the same.

My biggest concern was the metal sludge in the oil. Not because I think it was abnormal. However, It is suspended and not filterable. That means the oil cannot effectively put a barrier between wear surfaces. In my experience this could happen for a few oil changes, but should dissipate.
This is awesome!

I'm a big supporter of the early first oil change. Always have been. Treat it will, it treats you well back.

Nice work.
Changed mine 1st time at 1750. I also believe in early oil changes.
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