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Feb 21, 2023
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Picked up a new carry over 2022 ZR2 a few weeks ago! Was checking them out when I bought my wife a new 2023 Tahoe High Country end of last year. For some reason, the dealer had two 2022 ZR2s and on a whim I offered them about $7k under MSRP and they took it a few days later. It's black and pretty well loaded except sunroof. It had a flip style hard tonneau too.

Only have about 500 miles, but first impressions are this is a damn nice truck with some really nice features. Awesome ride quality looks great. Motor is exceptional and transmission is superb.

I've been driving Duramax trucks for last 20 years and they are great. Decided to keep my 2015 for towing duties. It's nice to be back in a truck with that V8 sound and nimble handling for everyday driving.

Working on some mods now, will post up details.
Here's how it looked a few days ago and how it looks now.


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Looks great. What's the tire and wheel set up?
I just posted another thread about tires and wheels. It isn't showing up for some reason, maybe added too many photos.

Adding photos showing required trimming to prevent rubbing.

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