Check Engine light and other issues


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Nov 29, 2022
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Johnson City, TN
I bought a ZR2 and have put about 7000 miles on it. Check engine light came on 2nd week of owning it “misfire on cold start in cylinder 4 and 7” dealer said they fixed it after a week and a half. Still have check engine light and going back in the shop for same issue! Any one else having this issue? Also my heat dont blow hot unless my truck is moving (can’t start it to heat it up because it’s cold air) AND the fan in the front of the truck sounds like a jet is taking off when I park my truck and shut it off and will continue to run for about 30 seconds…about to give it back. Too many issues happening to be happy for what it cost me!
I'd take it to a different dealer this time if it were mine. Fan running like that and no heat in the cab diffentily seems like a coolant issue. Knock on wood mine has been great at 5k miles. Only had one problem and that was the brake controller that seems to be common. They replaced it and everything has been good sense.

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