Dc/ac switch


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Oct 24, 2022
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Where is it on the ZR2? Going to use an outlet but can’t find the switch. Not on row of switches like on my old 2020 duramax. Can’t find info In Manual. Any ideas?
the outlet in the bed? there is no switch only works with truck/acc on
Tried, but nothing happens. Manual says a light would come on when dc/ac switch was pressed. On my 2020 duramax there was a switch with a cord and plug on it to send power the outlets
It should just have power when the truck/acc is on. I think its silly. Plug a phone in then turn the truck on it should show the phone is charging.
I actually haven't even tried mine, but from what I read there is no switch now. If the truck is on the outlet is on.
The light on the outlet only comes on with engine running. Won’t do anything with switch on, on if vehicle is running. Doesn’t sound exactly right to me

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