DSSV Problem?


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May 3, 2022
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Pulled up behind my truck parked in the garage last night and it is leaning to the right. My first thought was I have a flat tire.
Nope! All 4 tires were at 39. None of the shocks appeared to be leaking either.
Got the tape measure out to make sure I wasn't seeing things since I had a few lattes and came up with the following measurements:

LF - 39 7/8"
RF - 39 3/4"
LR - 41 1/2"
RR - 40 5/8"

The measurements were taken from the concrete at the center of the wheel to the bottom edge of the molding on the wheel well.

The front is pretty close and not noticeable but the rear is very noticeable since it is almost an inch difference.

It was not like this when I got the truck in May and I have never pulled a trailer or hauled anything in the bed yet. Currently 1900 miles.

Could this be a shock issue or leaf spring issue? Or both?
Never had a full size truck that didn’t lean a little.
I’d perform a detailed inspection yourself.

If it was my truck I’d unbolt the shocks from the axle housing on both sides and measure the ride height. If it’s equal, it’s a shock issue.
UPDATE......Been busy but I was finally was able to get my truck on the schedule to have this looked at. They told me everything is within spec because when the driver sits in it that will bring the right rear up a little and then it will be level. They said it is calibrated for a 250lb person. I am 185 and they told me to eat a sandwich. Is what it is I guess
Most trucks have a slight lean, My old Tacoma was notorious from it. As long as it aligns properly and is within spec I wouldn't be concerned.

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