Glacier Blue 2022 in Hawaii new mods

Cosmic Kid

Nov 9, 2022
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Honolulu, Hawaii
I really have enjoyed this forum and it has helped me many times in support and ideas. I have been working on my 2022 ZR2 for about 6 months now with these mods now completed.
Borla S-type exhaust, Kicker subwoofer, GM Silverado side rock steps, Roll-N-Lock retractable bed cover, X rails inside bed (helps me move paintings), Putco tailgate light bar, Auxbeam grill lights, Window rain deflectors, Stub antenna, color shift blue-purple accents on outer rims of tires and my newest addition is the EGR Bolt on style fender flairs with Air Design side rockers trim, I had to do some serious work with the front fender flair to fit it, since they don't make any for ZR2 yet. Being a custom paint shop here in Hawaii for 30 years I do have the knowledge and skill to pull it off. Then add some paint, pinstripe and airbrush myself. I did take photos of the steps on the flair removal and swap if anyone wants to see the photos or have any questions. Next I ordered 1 1/2" Bora spacers for the stock tires. Later I may swap out for new tires and rims, but want to get some use from these first. Good part is with the stock flairs removed the inside of the wheel wells don't have any obstacles to rub if it wanted to. I have only seen or even heard of 3 ZR2s in Hawaii and mine gets lots of attention. Aloha


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The truck looks great!! I really like those door moldings.
Love the detail on the tailgate - mean and mellow. A bitchin' ride, man.

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