Gm is replacing my spare tire


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Oct 18, 2023
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I had to escalate my warranty claim to the highest extent that I could but as of this Tuesday gm finally is replacing my spare that rubbed on the frame. Just a heads up to anyone else who might be having the same issue


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Just out of curiosity is there any type of protector that can be mounted in between to limit the rubbing on the frame?
If I remember correctly, sometime back there was a recall related to spare tire system. Not sure if it was to prevent similar issue.
I found the same thing, my dealership replaced the tire under warranty, I have written a little about what I am doing to both protect the tire and the rim from damage in this thread.

I'm not quite ready to hoist the spare back up into place, but I will be doing it after I figure out how to protect the new vinyl cover from the wax undercoating, I'm thinking I will make some kind of thin plastic sheild to put between the tire and frame. The rumor was that the cause of the damage was the tire not hoisted into place tightly, not sure I am buying that, but I will do as the manual says and hoist it until it clicks twice and then drop it to inspect a few times over a few hundred miles to see how it is fairing. Still a work in progress, but I can't just let another tire get damaged, it won't be any good if I need it is my fear.
Why did they mount a matching rim facing down so rocks can chip it anyway. Remember the old continental kits where the tire is completely covered ? But I'm not an engineer for gm I'm sure they thought about something like that and there wasn't a budget for it. I just wanted to put my spare into rotation but I'm not going to get rock chips on all of my rims


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That sounds like a great idea to help protect the tire from damage from the frame, but that won't do anything to protect the rim from rock chips etc.
I just put the painted side up,but before I due I coat the painted side with fluid film. It is easy to clean if needed.
I just put the painted side up,but before I due I coat the painted side with fluid film. It is easy to clean if needed.
I wasn't sure if the wheel being upside down would leave room for the spring and the T mount on the hoist to have the room to lock into place, seems like that would put it all too close to the top for proper operation of the hoist.
Well good question.
I've done it this way with all my trucks. I've looked closely and I don't see an issue . The tire seems very secure..
One caviot I don't have Stock tires and wheels.. So both of my ZR2 's have Custom Vossen Forged Wheels and my tire hoist are also a custom and I use a billet bung for tire insert.
But give it a try and kick it to make sure its tight.

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