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Nov 1, 2023
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I had a nice 2018 Cajun Red High Country with 6.2 and all the bells and whistles. 58k mile and 2 months out of warranty the damn thing died. Dealer installed new battery cables and a starter ($2300).
Drove out of the shop and it died again. AFM failure, bent push rod into cam. A month later they tore it down and the cam bearing was bad - needed a long block. After complaining to the Shop, District and Regional managers they finally replaced it for $1000. Left the shop again and the catalytic convertors were now bad. Replaced free under emission warranty.
While they played games, I went out and bought a 2023 ZR2 w/6.2 again. Hope this one lasts longer or I'll have to find something else.
LOVE this truck so far.
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I'm sure Axe Man will want to take all I have After the Texas Rangers defang the Diamond Backs tonight

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