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Dec 10, 2023
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I recently got a 24 ZR2 2500HD Bison with AEV package. Truck was sold with snow plow prep and other things. I
was going to put A pillar ditch lights on using the Uplifter swithches. Snow plow prep is a harness in a box. Uplifter switches are even wired, no connector to them. Spend 100k on a truck in kit form. Is this a Chevy thing or a dealer issue? Not impressed either way.
The upfitter switches from GM just come with a fuse box and connections under the dash. I haven't looked under the dash of my 2500 yet, But I assume its the same. I added upfitter switches to my 1500. When I installed the switches and the fuse panel. I went ahead and ran several wires from the fuse panel to behind the battery under the hood. I used different colors so later they could easily be located. That way later anything I added outside just had to be ran over to the battery to make a connection.

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